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< Neue Veröffentlichung "Charakterisierung von UV-Laborbestrahlungsanlagen"
Kategorie: UV-EL, UMEX

New Publication: "Characterisation of Lab-Scale UV Systems"

With our partners from the Institute of Water Chemistry at TU Dresden, we have published a new scientific article:


            2012 - Zoschke, K.; Börnick, H.; Worch, E.; Ludwig, F.; Röske, I.; Johne, S.; Meyer, A.
            Characterisation of Lab-Scale UV Systems

            Vom Wasser 110 (2012) 4, S. 120 - 125


We will gladly send you a copy.   With questions, please contact:   Heike Wolf:     hwo@umex.de 


list of our further publications you will find here.