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Kategorie: Molsurf, UMEX

New MOLSURF Protein: Plus-Factor




Individual haploid cells of the yeast Schizosaccharomyces (S.) pombe express one of two mating types: Plus- or Minus. The respective cells secrete small peptides as pheromones, which are called Plus-factor in the case of Plus-cells. The pheromone binds to specific receptors of cells of the opposite mating type, inducing the pheromone signal cascade and a genetic program, leading to e.g. a cell-cycle arrest. Efficiency of activation of the signal cascade depends on nutrient conditions, e.g. nitrogen depletion, or the use of appropriate host strains, e.g. mutants with reduced activity of protein kinase A.


Recommended Usage:

For heterologous gene expression using e.g. promotors of genes of the mating response pathway or cell-cycle arrest in respective host strains of S. pombe.


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