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< Forschungsbündnis „Biologische Sensor-Aktor-Systeme auf der Basis von funktionalisierten Mikroorganismen (BioSAM)“
Kategorie: Molsurf, UMEX

New MOLSURF Product - Alpha - Factor - HG-AF–0001


Haploid cells of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae express either an a- or α mating-type. The respective cells secrete small peptides as pheromones, which is called α-factor in the case of α-cells. This pheromone binds to specific receptors of cells of the opposite mating type, inducing the pheromone signal cascade and a genetic program, leading to e.g. morphological changes - the so called "Shmoo" - and a cell-cycle arrest.


Recommended Usage:

For heterologous gene expression using e.g. promotors of genes of the mating response pathway as well as for "Shmoo" induction or cell-cycle arrest we recommend the use of 10 - 100 µM, depending on the yeast host strain.


More information


Datasheet Alpha - Factor - HG-AF-0001