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Statistical Software Statgraphics with over 250 Functions for: 

  •  exploratory data analysis
  • basic statistics (distribution fitting, statistical measures, correlation, regression, variance analysis, reliability & lifetime evaluation)
  • statistical process control (SPC)
  • design of experiments
  • time-series analysis and predictions
  • multivariate procedure


 our services:

  • we advise you in choosing your particular  Statgraphics version.
  • we are glad to assist you with training and workshops for the effective use of the program.
  • in our download area you will find a variety of short instructions to help you get started in Statgraphics, but also the complete Statgraphics manuals and a variety of additional information.


Current version information XVI.II (available from 9/2013)

UMEX short information about the version XVI (GER)

short information from the software manufacturer (ENG)

training content for our Statgraphicsin- house training

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Statgraphics is a product of StatPoint, Inc (USA). The UMEX GmbH Dresden is an authorized dealer for Statgraphics in Germany.